I’m David Parker and in the past 8 years, I’ve worked with many businesses in multiple industries around the world. Basically, I partner with entrepreneurs in their online marketing efforts. 

I have been creating websites, videos and voiceovers (for those who prefer not to be on camera), Google Map entries etc. and getting these marketing assets to work together to bring results – leads and sales.

I provide a fully functional website, generally in a matter of hours, from finding the right domain for your needs, hosting and updating.

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Web Site Design

Let me build your custom professional website
helps you convert visitors into clients. 
Secured Web Site (SSL)
A Completely Done For You Service.
Create Your Own Solid Online Presence
Site Updates
Become a Leader
Brand Yourself, Your Products, Your Services
Build a Massive E-Mail List
Attract New Customers
Build Trusted Relationships
Generate More Sales
Build Yourself a Legacy


    Website Design Camberley

    Websites are "ten a penny" in today's world and they serve many purposes. Some websites have a nice design but lack most important 'editorial content' that will help drive visitors to your site.
    Many people tend to think of their web site as on-line brochures without considering interactivity or reinforcing their business features.
    We at Yoogle are here with you every step of the way combining great looks with intuitive functionality while also providing affordable rates and great copy.
    Contact us now on 07508-413363 if we sound like a perfect fit!
    If you’ve ever had a business idea and thought, “I can do this myself!” then converting more of your website visitors into customers should be an important priority. 
    The truth is that writing good copy for the web isn't easy - it takes time to learn from both online tutorials on how-to's and trial & error in order to get all those words right. If you don't have hours or days waiting around just so someone else could find exactly what they're looking for while reading through your content, there are some ways to improve conversion rates with great copywriting skills.

    Local Marketing in Camberley

    Do you want to create a Google Maps listing
    Google Maps is a great way to find your business and get found by potential customers. I can help you optimise, submit, and be verified on Google so that people will always see our listing at the top of their results when they search for what we offer! 

    With 82% of consumers using Google as their primary source for local information like yours, it's important to have an optimised listing with high visibility in order to get noticed among other businesses. Your current ranking may not reflect this unless you've used SEO or PPC strategies - but don't worry because  we have helped many others just like yourself rise up through rankings effortlessly from obscurity into fame within weeks - even days!
    Getting your Camberley business listed on Google Maps
    Search 'Removals company Didcot'
    Search 'Cheap Tyres Brighton'

    Video For Your Business

    Video is one of the most powerful tools available today when it comes to marketing online because people are more likely to watch videos than read atext or blog posts, so if they like what they see then they'll be more inclined to buy from you as well!  A video testimonial is a great way to publicise your business and give your potential customers peace of mind that this company has been recommended by someone other than themselves before making their purchase decision, which means less risk involved with buying from them too! So why not take advantage of all these benefits while also getting some free publicity at the same time? You won't regret it!

    Mobile Apps For Your Business


    Ever wanted to get your own app for your beauty practice but no idea how? Give your customers the latest advice and guidance about nail care, allow them to book appointments and reward their loyalty.
    .A great way to build loyalty with your customers by offering exclusive rewards after meeting a set criteria. Such as rewarding them with free nail accessories after they spend £500


    Are  You a  Cafe  Owner  Who Needs A Low Cost Mobile App? “How To Get Your Own Mobile App To Reward Customer Loyalty, Showcase Your Amazing Products and Drive Repeat Business.


    Maybe you are a personal trainer and would love to share you workouts and dietary advice to your members. Well, you can with a mobile app


    Are you a coach and want to increase your clientele? How to get your own mobile app to sell membership access to your content and courses.


    Estate Agents get your clients listed and informed about homes for sale instantly, at the touch of a button. Arrange appointments and viewings.


    Ever Wanted to Get Your Own App For Your Dental Practice But No Idea How? Give Your Patients The Latest Advice And Guidance About Dental Healthcare.


    Restauranteurs grab an app to add menus and special offers on your diners mobile phone. Add a digital loyalty scheme and even restaurant bookings, all in the palm of their hand