Web Hosting Services

We offer web hosting services which include the maintenance of your website and all updates for WordPress Themes plus an annual design update, just to give your site an up-to-date look.

So you don't need to worry. about maintaining your website - I do it for you.

To provide hosting for your website its just £75 per year incl. all maintenance listed below:

  • I also add Search Engine Optimisation to your website giving the site visibility.
  • I also verify the site on Google​ (tell Google to index it)

There is  an option for Secure Hosting, basically https:// rather than ​the standard http://YOURDOMAIN

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What is an SSL certificate?

A Secure Sockets Layer - or SSL - certificate is a web security protocol and essential for protecting your site visitors' sensitive data against fraud and identity theft. SSLs guard data by providing encryption (scrambling of data to prevent tampering during transmission) and validation (verification of the business behind the website). SSL certificates come in different levels of security, depending on the level of protection and security features you need. Often, these features are obvious - Site Seals, HTTPS, and the "green bar" are all visual indicators of a protected site - other times, the security is behind-the-scenes. No matter what level you choose, SSL protection reassures visitors that your site is safe, leading to greater customer trust and increased reliability for your business or brand.

THIS MEANS YOUR SITE WILL BE PREFIXED WITH https://yourwebsite.com not http://

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