Thank You For Your Website
and Video Order

Congratulations you are now on the road to having your own web presence.
We now need some extra information:

  1. Your preferred domain name plus 3 alternatives. We ask for the alternatives because often names are unavailable because they are taken elsewhere. You can check by searching for your name in your browser eg. and see if the name is live.
  2. Who you are and what you do and your location
  3. The products or services you offer, locally or worldwide
  4. A description of your web page - what you want people to see
  5. Photographs of you and/or your work
  6. Your email address and phone number
  7. The main keywords about your product / service
  8. What make you different
  9. Any other information that is relevant to you
  10. Any pictures for your video
  11. What you want the video to convey

Upon receipt of the information your website should be live in a couple of days

Any problems or you are unsure just call me on 07508-413363