You the first stage in the process is so that you can ebook a face-to-face meeting on rough website i’ll then come round and discuss with you in your residence for face-to-face assembly we’ll go via a discussion as as to whether or now not equity free up is proper for you you can also then need me to acquire prices and quite a lot of providers giving more than a few interest rates i’ll then visit you once more we will go through the fees should you think equity unlock is correct for you i will then proceed to install the valuation of your house to make certain that the mortgage present you obtain is suitable and right the mortgage lender will then obstacle you a loan offer as a way to be sent your solicitors your solicitors will then meet with you and give you unbiased authorized recommendation on the fairness free up process at that stage I may even difficulty you with full written advice that’s in your curiosity to proceed with equity free up the whole procedure will ordinarily take commencing to finish about two months and on the end of that process your solicitor will ship you the equity liberate money and it’s as simple as that you just

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