hello I’m Janelle and I live in a van with my pet snake Alfredo what the is going on my dudes in my last video I was so stoked to have 20,000 subscribers fast forward two weeks later I’m sitting out 1.4 million I have no words to express the gratitude that I feel at this moment but to be honest okay to be honest watching the rapid growth of my channel was a little overwhelming I needed to take up step back from social media for my mental and physical health because I was not prepared for this I was actually sick last week and I wanted to film this video earlier but I literally could not talk hello I’m Janelle and I live in a van with my pet snake Alfredo and we’re just gonna stop recording right now because I’m not gonna do this video with my voice like this doodles I’m better now and I’m here to answer some questions my name is Janelle Eliana long I am Ethiopian and Filipino some people were wondering I’m 20 years old I turned 21 next month on August 23rd and this is Alfredo he is a black eyed leucistic a ball python and he will be one in August as well I just say that his birthday is August 23rd – so twinsies I know I said I was gonna answer ten questions but I’m trying to answer as many as I can without making this video too long and I think the most common question is why in the heck do you live in a van journal and like long story short basically just cuz I don’t want to pay rent I’m gonna put all three to you to be honest I was paying an absurd amount of rent in the city that I moved to after I graduated high school and I was working full-time I’m going to school part-time and I felt like I was never home I was like at work and then I was at school and then I go to library to study and then I just go home to shower and sleep rinse and repeat and I was like this sucks there has been a lot of assumption that I am like financially funded that is false I actually moved out when I was 18 in like the midst of the night and I have like a very dysfunctional household and I was very determined to get my college degree I’d be the first person in my family to do so so come the graduation day at papai school I found out that my college friend never existed so I panicked and I left and moved in with a friend who lived a couple cities away I got a job and then got my own place and nurses history I didn’t talk to my family for like two years because I was so determined to get my degree and just like come back in four years and rub it in everyone’s face because I was just an angsty teenager I noticed that in my city there were a lot of other van life and RV people so I was just like oh yeah I could told you this I knew about van life in high school I was really like into tiny living and interesti stuff like that so I like revisited that idea and then became obsessed and I which had Craigslist every day for seven months until I found this van I almost took out a loan for a sprinter van I’m so glad that I didn’t because just I don’t like the idea of being in debt and I got this van for such a sweet deal I got it for $2,500 that’s like not including everything that I put into it I want to do another video where I like talking detail about the money that I put into this van because I probably put more than I should have but yeah I got this gun for $2,500 on Craigslist from this cute older couple who only used to take their kids to Disneyland yeah that’s the reason I moved in I own this van I paid it in cash everything in here paid in cash whereas like if you pay right you’re like pink someone else’s mortgage like you’re not investing in anything and that’s just like where I stand from like a financial scam I just kind of like pulled up in my van I was just like hey I know we haven’t talked in a year and a half but this is my life now and it took my dad a while to come around but he’s like on board now and totally gets it I know like deep down he wishes that I was still in school I didn’t drop out I don’t want to say that I dropped out of school but I’m taking a break to Sol’s my older sister her usual is like always stoked for everything that I do she’s like my number one fan another question that I get a lot is what do you do for work so like the first year that I lived in the van I wasn’t traveling I really was just living in the van and I was working full-time at this company that I still work for right now I just do like data entry and then I was going to school so I wasn’t traveling I really just stayed pretty stagnant and was focusing on school and then after I stopped going to school I decided to put in more hours at work and save up so that I could travel so basically a majority of last year and the majority of this year I spent traveling I work for a really awesome company and they have been so supportive of my family journey I actually built my van in the parking lot of the place that I work they have like an arsenal of tools that they let me check out and use so I would go to work all my lunch breaks I just try to build things and I would stay until clothes and just be at the parking lot late at night building stuff and everyone was so supportive and so sweet and on top of that they’ve really allowed me to travel and they’re really flexible in my schedule especially when I was going to school but also now that I like want to travel more I just kind of tell them like what my plans are and I’m like hey is it ok if I make my schedule this and this so I can go through this and this a majority of my work schedule was I could work like half the week and then vacation half the week or I’d work for a chunk of time and then leave for a chunk of time it just got really lucky not a lot of companies will do that and my managers are watching this right now I freaking love you you’re the best I actually just took a month off right now to focus on this YouTube thing and it wasn’t a problem so no I am NOT a digital nomad I’m not working and traveling simultaneously and I’ve been pretty content with that honestly I live in California and my work is like in the center of California so if I Drive in any which direction I’m on vacation which is great I lived a pretty sheltered life like growing up me and just like venturing out into these like little cities in California is just great I love it a question that came up a lot is where do you get your mail and I should have most of my packages to work and that was really convenient especially when I was building my van because I have Amazon Prime if I needed apart immediately I would just ship it to work and I worked on my van at work so that was pretty awesome for all my other mail like my bills and registration and that stuff I put my friends address on there and some of my family members it’s like really unorganized and I’m working on narrowing it down to like one person’s address it’s probably gonna be like one of my family members I am also going to be opening APO box this week I go to the laundromat like two or three times a month and sometimes I go more often if I did a lot of thrifting that month if I am visiting friends and family I take advantage of their washer and dryer thanks guys I really appreciate it a lot of people were wondering like what are my plans for the future and freakin now I’ve been just taking life day by day as of right now my van is in pretty good condition it has relatively little miles I’m about to hit 120 thousand and I’ve heard with like proper maintenance which I’ve been trying to keep up with I’ve seen these vans go till like three hundred thousand miles so we’re gonna be in here for a little bit of time I do want to start another build and I’m in between school II and if you’ve been following me on Instagram for a while you know that I’ve been looking for a Toyota Sun Raider which is a Class C RV but I’m not in a rush to do it right now I have this fan so I’m pretty set for a little bit in terms of like a house or an apartment probably not anytime soon we’re gonna be van living for a while and I’m totally a good time with that I love I love this I love my life do I think you should move into a van the answer is maybe I feel like this lifestyle was perfect for me I work in a relatively safe city where van dwelling is very common also I live in a very temperate climate it is almost perfect all the time I would not survive somewhere where it was snowy and I would not survive somewhere where it was extremely hot in this band specifically so if you are in a similar situation I definitely think that if you’re toying with the idea give it a shot you don’t have to spend a whole bunch of money to live this lifestyle if you decide to move into a van you are gonna have to give up a lot of the luxuries that you have living in a house or an apartment for example I don’t have a bathroom or shower so my daily schedule revolves around that and there’s a whole bunch of other things the list goes on and on but for me I find making those compromises worth it because I just have so much more freedom but there are some people who really just can’t live without those luxuries and I really encourage you to evaluate yourself and see if this lifestyle is something you actually want to pursue because it’s not for everyone [Music] hello yeah I’m filming – weeds no but seriously guys there has been a lot of accusations accusations and conspiracies against me and I am over it like you don’t understand I have been through a lot to make this my reality and I just find it so ridiculous that people are accusing me of not living in my van because I’m too pretty or that my van is too clean thank you because I work really hard to keep myself in my van clean and I appreciate that someone noticed so I’m gonna take this month to focus on YouTube I’m gonna stop talking now toodles van is too small for me to get out of the frame try that again I’m gonna stop talking now toodles

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